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Srinivas Muthyala (muths1)
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Posted: March 17, 2017
Last activity: April 4, 2017

Will elastic search work on fully exposed industry standard external tables ?

We have a business requirement, where in we need to query different external table (i.e.Fully exposed industry standard tables without having pxInsName/pzInsKey/BLOB columns) specific columns (These specific columns are minimum of 3 & maximum of 6 columns from each tables) which don’t have any keys defined on them to get the records based on search operator i.e. contains/starts with/ ends with/equals. Each table will have minimum of 2 lakh records & maximum is unbounded as it’s ever growing in nature.

We tried exploring elastic search feature, but it’s not solving our use case. The problem with this search are:

  1. Even though we have provided custom search properties as specific columns, it’s searching all the columns in that table
  2. At any point of time, we will be getting only one result as pxInsName is null as it’s an fully exposed external table.
  3. Class joins, sub reports, or SQL functions are not supported in RD

For now, we are using RD’s to get the information from the tables including joins & adding filter criteria. It was taking long time to get the information for certain use cases where we have contains as search operator.

We are using PRPC 7.2.2 version.

Is there any other approach/search pattern to get the results without impacting the performance?

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