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Posted: December 7, 2020
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Posted: 7 Dec 2020 17:42 EST
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Will Pega ever force a node or user to quiesce?

We get these logs hundreds of times per day.  The curious part is that we are certainly NOT starting a quiesce. When this happens, it causes hundreds of alerts for writing pages into System-SavedPages which makes sense.

I'm wondering if there is any scenario where Pega will do this?  Perhaps if it senses it encountered an internal issue...?


Environment: Pega 8.4.1, Jboss, Oracle DB, Redhat Linux



2020-12-07 16:07:19,330 [otejob-executor-1550] [  STANDARD] [                    ] [                    ] ( internal.mgmt.PRRequestorImpl) INFO    - [QuiescePassivation] forcePassivateInner: passivated or destroyed requestor [HYOOCZPKQS0INF1G3SUQWIS4OWNO4STLQA] ------

[QuiesceActivation] Requestor [H212L5W142D2AL48I9A4CA34SH67TLVQMA] has been restored from passivated data as a result of quiesce


[Quiesce] Found requestor [HSZDWGOADU6FUURUSDFU1TUW9OZ6OOG2UA] on remote node: 8edfc2f4-b4a6-4eb1-9c33-5e7f6a4eebd0

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