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Sethu Raman Chitravel (SethuRamanC)
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Posted: June 5, 2020
Last activity: June 8, 2020

Will a PEGA Node level data page will be available across applications in same server ? How actually the memory management works ?

I am having three different applications say App A1 , App A2 , App B. Here App A1 and App A2 has same ruleset stacking , but differs only based on ruleset versions. App B is entirely different application (Even the application name is different) having different ruleset stacking. In Such case If I define a node level data page with name D_TestDataPage in App A1, when server node starts will it be available across applications (A1,A2,B) ? How actually the memory management works. Can anyone please help me in this understanding ? And also what happens if I define another data page with same name D_TestDataPage in App B ?


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