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Posted: July 22, 2020
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Posted: 22 Jul 2020 19:40 EDT
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Work Groups (Teams) and Work Queues


I have some trouble understanding the relationship between Work Groups (Teams) and Work Queues in relation to work that an Operator (user) can do.

In Dev Studio or Case Manager Portal I can create Work Groups (Teams) and add multiple Work Groups to the operator (Dev Studio) or add more members (Operators) to a Team in Case Manager Portal. The result is the same, an Operator has multiple Work Groups associated and only one selected (picture below)


Because Work Groups have Work Queue associated, the operator should have access to multiple queues. But when the user login to the Portal, I can only see the Work Queue associated to the selected Work Group (Lending Retail in my picture).

portal work queues

So the user can only access work from that Work Queue (Application Review Retail in my picture).

Having said that, the operator can see all the Work Queues of all the Teams she/he is part of in his profile in Case Manager Portal.

portal multiple teams


I don't understand the value of defining multiple Work Groups (Teams) for an Operator, if the Operator can only access Work from the selected Work Group. Would you be able to help me clarify this?



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