Work queue and Team Member assignments not displayed with portal customization

Hi Community Team,

I have a requirement( Pega 8.2 version) to customize manager portal where Team Member and Work queue widgets to be displayed in portal left navigation panel.When team member or queue clicked corresponding assignments needs to be displayed right panel i.e Portal content.

For this, I Copied the section pxUserDashboardSlot to left panel, I can see Team members and work queue names along with count of assignments getting displayed as expected however when one of the Team member or work queue clicked, assignments not getting displayed. When i trace, Refresh section is not invoked so work list is not getting refreshed.

I see pyCMDashboardDrag has some HTML code which is forming the Work queue not clear how click event was handled.

Let me know if anyone has thoughts on this issue or implemented similar requirement.

Thanks in Advance..