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Workflows without cases

I'm looking to create a Producer Bot Workflow via Pega. This means there would be no cases that exist when the workflow starts. Is that an issue? Are there workarounds?

Steps of the Producer Bot Workflow:

  1. Workflow: Starts
  2. Workflow: Calls an automation
    1. Automation:
      1. Gets an item from a queue within an application
      2. Determines if there are more items in the queue
  3. Workflow: Checks if the automation was successful
    1. Success:
      1. Workflow: Creates a case for the Consumer Workflow
      2. Workflow: More items exist?
        1. True: Workflow: Routes back to Step 2
        2. False: Workflow: Ends
    2. Failed:
      1. Workflow: Creates a case for the Exception Handler Workflow
      2. Workflow: Ends

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Case Management
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