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Working on two objects simultaneously, or comparing two objects NEXT to each others


Our end users wants the possibility to open two pega objects/cases next to each other. The business value behind it is to be able to scan for example a knowledge article and a support ticket, where those two are built in the same application.

Unfortunalty with pega architecture, openeing two browser tabs will result with the two tabs synchronizing each other, and sometimes causing the user to loose his work in progress. Thus we resorted to in app tabs, but the in app tabs he can only have one object seen at a time and the end user has to constantly switch back and fourth between the two different tabs. Which does not solve the problem.

Did anyone ever found a solution to working on two different objects in paralell, from the same app, using the same browser?

Can we have detachable in app tabs somehow in pega? (This way they can detach the tab to a separate browser window while keeping the same session)

Any experiences would be appreciated.



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