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Worklist and workbasket

I have implemented projects with workbaskets but not worklist.I have a requirement with my client which states that , the Operations users have to be allocated with tasks according to a lot of conditions like priority of the task , complexity of the task , timezone of the user , seniority of the user and skills of the user.They do not want to allocate task to individual teams (workbaskets) .So i took a call of using worklist routing which would be appropriate for such a requirment.But , they still want to see the tasks assigned to their team.(Eg : Team leader and manager has to to able to do see the tasks assigned to their own teams.My question is , how do i implement this? If it was workbasket routing i would have written a RD on Assign-Workbasket to select pyID's where pyworkbasket = 'TEAM NAME'.

But how do i implement this when i use a worklist?? How to identify the teams to which the users belong to , as i will be directly assigning to users.

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