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Posted: February 5, 2018
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XSS reflecting issues in pen test report


We recently performed pen test in AES server and found couple of issues related to XSS . Please find below descriptions for the same.

Issue1: Cross-site scripting (reflected)

Mitigation step : Echoing user-controllable data within a script context is inherently dangerous and can make XSS attacks difficult to prevent. If at all possible, the application should avoid echoing user data within this context.

Issue2 : Cross-site scripting (reflected)

Mitigation step : In most situations where user-controllable data is copied into application responses, cross-site scripting
attacks can be prevented using two layers of defenses.

We scanned the results in hotfix manager and found HFix-36540 was 'critical missing' . Kindy advise if HFix-36540 will solve both of the above mentioned issues.

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