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Posted: August 13, 2020
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Y axis sort in pxChart control

Hi Everyone,

we have a requirement to show the stacked chart(CasesByStatus) for manager for all the operators reports to him with analyst name on x axis and Status of cases in Y axis stack.

For example Operator X has 1 case in "New" status and 2 cases in "Open" status assigned to him, we need a chart with Operator name(X) on x-axis, then case status(New,open) as a stack on Y axis. PFA the screenshots  for sample chart and config.

The challenge we are facing is that we want to control the sort order on Y axis for ex, we need Open cases at the bottom of the stack then New cases on top of that, similarly Open should appear first on legends, then New should appear second.But by default pxchart control is taking that in alphabetical order and showing "New" cases at the bottom and "Open" cases on top of that .

Like that we have other case status and we want to control the order of the stack.

We modified the source of the chart in such a way that Open cases comes at first then New cases comes next in report but still when coming to display in chart its taking in alphabetical order.

There is an article on forum with solution of changing the pxChart control to chart control, but Chart control is not as good and user friendly as pxChart control and it is giving the size issues on dashboard.(Height and width should be fixed )

Is there any other way we could achieve this please let me know.


Thanks in advance,



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