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Posted: July 9, 2021
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Is accessibility only for the legally disabled?

Image of a mother and young child standing in a kitchen environment. The mother is checking her mobile device while holding the child.

 According to the CDC, in the U.S. alone, one in four adults live with a disability, or about 64 million people. And this number doesn’t even account for all those who need accommodations but have not been diagnosed with a legal disability. 

Consider the amount of people navigating temporary impairments, chronic illnesses, age-related issues, and situational circumstances that lead to noise or visual restrictions, like working in public spaces.

On the Pega Community Blog, Pega Program Manager, Accessibility Experience Jill Power (@PowerJill) wrote a post about inclusive design, and why many people can benefit from accessible applications.

Read more here: https://community.pega.com/blog/accessibility-only-legally-disabled

Do you have experience designing applications for accessibility? What accessibility concerns should other community members keep top of mind? Reply to let us know! 

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