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Clicking on a record in Repeat grid, Focus is moving to top

Hi, After upgrading from V5.5 to 7.1.9, with CSI to 7.1.4, we have UI inconsistency in repeat grid.
In Repeat grid, where for each row we show a big section which has multiple collapsible sub sections. If user scrolls to bottom of that row section (which means top of of this row section is not in focus screen area), now If user try to expand or Collapse any subsections in that row, focus is moving to top of the record. This is causing users scroll down again to see the details of the sub section they just expanded. We tried removing action settings for repeat Grid, still it behaves the same. We need the screen should remain static when they click on collapsible layouts instead of jumping either up or down.
The same issue is reported in pdn by someone else, but the solution given there is for v6 .. which is not working for V7.
Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a section with Repeat Grid.
2. For row filed drag a section which is quite big in size and which has multiple sub sections embedded.
3. expand any one of the repeat grid record.
4. Scroll to the end of the expended record and then click on it.

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