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Doubt about one question in the quiz

I have doubts about the next quiz question:
"If a program is scheduled to run once today and configured to listen for events until tomorrow evening, when does the Program move to Wrap-up stage? (Choose One)
Tomorrow evening.
When all the launched offers move to End state.
Whenever the last event occurs."
I think it's a bit confusing...
First, I am not sure if the Program is an Event-only Program (I think it's not clear in the question) or not...
Second, even if we are talking about an Event-only Program or not, I don't understand why the answer "when all the launched offers move to End state" is the correct one.
We may have a case where today, only 20 offers have been started due to the external app triggering, and all of them have also reached the end state... but the program still listens for more events. Let's suppose that next day, no offers are launched... In this case, the Program will end in the evening.
So, my conclusion is that the correct answer should be a mix of the the 2d and the 3d: "When all the launched offers move to End state since tomorrow evening"
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