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Installing Pega Client for Windows using the command line. Both silent and with a custom install location.

I had a request by a customer to install Pega's Client for Windows (CfW) from an administrative perspective but also silently so that it didn't interrupt the user of the machine when it takes place. This does not seem to be common knowledge so I decided to post this information here.

Running the setup executable for Pega CfW requires getting to the command prompt which has many methods for getting to. Here are 10 Ways to Open the Command Prompt in Windows 10.

Navigate to the Pega CfW setup file (an executable downloaded from the Pega marketplace) using the "cd" command.

When running the executable you can enable running the install by using the "/S" parameter first. If you would like to run the executable and set the install directory for Pega CfW by using "/D=" followed by the location you would like to install Pega CfW.

Example of using both (your file and directories will be different): "Pega CfW Setup.exe" /S /D=C:\installdirectory\

Some important considerations:

/D has to be the last parameter passed into the setup executable /D can be used to set a custom install directory if your installer doesn't allow it through the GUI /S isn't required if you want to run the installer

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