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LSA UI/UX: Implementation - Customization

Can we create a custom Cosmos component?

Yes - at some point in 2021, we will provide a dev kit to let you build your own React components and use them in a view, similar to building a custom control and using it in the section rule form.

Can we customize the Cosmos design system?

Yes & No. A design system is something that provides a prescribed user experience - You can ret-heme - rebrand the OTB colors and typography but some of the user experience are prescribed by the design system.

Can we have non-auto generated code in views like sections to embed the js snippets for triggering GA events or CAPTCHA etc.?

You will need to create your own React component to implement these specific types of components.

How easy is it to create custom templates?

In Pega Infinity UI, you create design template in Dev studio. https://collaborate.pega.com/discussion/best-practices-using-design-templates-deliver-consistent-user-interface

One of the suggestions so far has been to not customize the OOTB user portal which comes with Cosmos. I tried and it was not a simple thing to do. Is it going to change? Is there any plan to make the portal customizable?

You can add pages. Changing the portal itself is not recommended since the portal will be implemented as a React component moving forward.

When I create a new case using Cosmos OOTB, the actual case opens in a modal window. Is this by design? From the Nav Bar, click Create -> new Case. It opens a model window on the portal.

In the Cosmos end user portal, new case is opening in a modal window.

We do more and more public web sites with Pega, this requires very customized UI, will Cosmos let us change the full screen? equivalent of changing the harness on traditional Pega UI. Portal and case harnesses.

You will be able to retheme and rebrand the OTB experience. Having said that if you want to integrate into your consumer facing user experience, you might want to use your own component library and use the DX API directly

The example that Shaun gave implies that there has to be a way to specify business logic at data model level. Does it mean there is a new data modelling framework that will enable this?

Some of the business logic will have to be pushed to the case type or inside when rule.

Is the Cosmos design system specific to each business vertical or just one centralized one?

The Cosmos design system encompass all Pega Applications and all industries supported by these apps - It is a global user experience that works across any industry.

How is localization is handled in cosmos?

There will be a way to get FV and translate them and then import them into your application. It will be similar to the localization wizard.

Can we host two applications on same server one with Cosmos and other with Cosmos React?

yes - the React based UI rendering is an application setting

Where we can see case history in the view?

view case history will be under the action’s menu by default. It can also be added to the details tab

If I create an application in 8.5 solely through App Studio, in future releases would I be able to convert my application into Cosmos UX in later versions?

Yes - the transition to Cosmos React will be easy if all your sections are using design templates.

Is it also possible to use Cosmos and UI-Kit both in same applications?

No – UI-Kit and Cosmos are overriding the same rules – you will need to choose which layer to run

Only back button on browser will work but not forward button? When we click on back or close window, will that release lock on cases?

Back and forward buttons will work - Cosmos React will have more semantic url that will be easy to bookmark

What is the difference between Cosmos rules and Cosmos React?

Cosmos is the Pega Design system. It has 2 implementations: Cosmos Rules is the implementation that was released in 8.3 and is still using section / harnesses

Will we able to use Cosmos with Pega8.4?

Yes you can use Cosmos Rules in 8.3 and higher

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