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Pega 717 - SAML timeout activity is not being triggered

SAML timeout activity is not being triggered



The core Data-Admin-AuthService rule has a setting “Use PRPC Timeout”. When this is enabled and the AccessGroup timeout is reached then the timeout activity is defined. This is great except that Data-Admin-AuthService rules that are SAML enabled have no visible setting for the “Use PegaRULES timeout” setting and by default it is not enabled.

All we need to do is update your SAML enabled Data-Admin-AuthService rule and set the “pySupportsPegaTimeout” property to true.

The simplest way to resolve this is to create a quick activity that will do an Obj-Open-By-Handle on your Data-Admin-AuthService instance. Then use a property set step that will set the pySupportPegaTimeout property to true.


After that a simple Obj-Save with commit.

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