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Shahi Naquash (NAQUS)
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Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: October 14, 2019
Last activity: August 14, 2020

Pega RESTFul Api for remote execution of scenario tests

Scenario tests can be run remotely on Selenium hubs either deployed standalone or on cloud services such as Cross-browser Testing and Browser Stack

This is a short document highlighting the parameters of the exposed rest API for invoking automated scenario tests remotely:

Example service endpoint URL:

Post parameters:

JobID - Unique Job ID/Run ID/Build number for the invocation (Used by the Deployment manager to separate runs across deployments, also passed as the run id to cloud providers for tracking)

Provider - STANDALONE | CBT | BROWSERSTACK Test service provider to use (or Test service cloud provider)
ProviderAuthName - Auth name for the test service account
ProviderAuthKey - Auth key for the test service account
ProviderURL - Alternate test service provider URL (Optional - Generally used for local selenium hubs)

Browser - Browser to run the UI tests on
BrowserVersion - Browser version to run the UI tests on
Platform - OS platform to use
PlatformVersion - OS Platform version to use
ScreenResolution - Resolution of the test system screen to run the tests on

SUTURL - URL of the Pega system under test
SUTUserID - Test operator ID from the Pega system under test
SUTPassword - Password of the test operator ID from the Pega system under test

Note: If using cloud providers, please check their documentation on browsers, versions and platforms they support. This is in addition to the authname and the authkey that is provider specific. If running selenium hubs standalone or as part of a grid, please make sure to configure the grid capabilities to match the parameters being passed to the API.

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