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Quiz question on Validating User Input lesson


The following question from the quiz:

Validating user input against a range of values is best accomplished: (Choose One)

  • Setting the “Min/Max chars” value on the form control
  • Using a Validate rule
  • Using the “Display and Validation” settings on the property
  • Setting the “Min/Max chars” values on the property

In order to pass the quiz the user needs to select Using a Validate rule as the only possible answer.

However, at least in my opinion, Using the “Display and Validation” settings on the property may be a better option depending on the context:

  • If the range of possible values depends on the property's context, then a Validate rule is the best option. For example, Financial Plan might have different ranges of possible values depending on other Input, e.g. Customer Status (Gold, Silver, etc..)
  • If the property has an invariable range of possible values, e.g. Gender, I think it makes more sense to define it at the Property lelevl using Display and Validation settings.

Does it make sense?


Juan Cortines

Pega Academy
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