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Theme-Cosmos: Open work object with Full portal in a new window

Opening the work object in theme cosmos full portal on right click of a link and select "Open Link in New Tab"  is available from the Pega 8.4.5 release. More information on the pega release and theme-cosmos version support is mentioned below. This document explains the necessary steps to enable this feature.

Open In New Tab


Configuration of the link

This feature is by default available for the link and the link control should be configured with either OpenWorkByHandle or OpenWorkItem Action. 




In Theme-Cosmos 01,if a customer has overridden the MainNavigation rule in their application ruleset, then the action of Home item should be changed from runscript "pega.desktop.activateDocument" to Harness action as below.

Home Menu configuration


Feature support details:

The below table explains the support of this featutre with respective to the theme cosmos version and the pega release versions.

Pega Release ThemeCosmos Version
8.4.5 01
8.5.1,8.5.2 02
8.5.3 01,02
8.6 02,03
8.6.1 & above 01,02,03


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