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Posted: July 23, 2015
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What are the "Best Practices while using DataTransforms" ?

Hi Developers,LSA's & Project Reviewers,

You would have used DataTransforms while managing the Data for your applications and do you want to share some Best Practices that need to be followed or reviewed while using DataTransforms? Please comment out in this thread.

Here are few of them to start with.....

Best Practices : DataTransforms

  • Aim to limit a data transform to fewer than 25 steps. If more actions are needed, create a separate data transform rule and use the Apply Data Transform action in the first data transform rule to invoke the second data transform and complete its actions.
  • Use the Commentaction to provide comments within the sequence. For example, to explain the goal of a particular branch of steps. This helps in understanding the logic incorporated in those steps.

  • Make sure to remove the unwanted Pages from the clipboard while exiting the DataTransform. Use Remove action which Deletes the target and any associated values from the clipboard. The target can be a value mode property (Single Value, Value List, or Value Group), a page mode property (Page, Page List, or Page Group), or a declarative page.
  • Proper Naming Conventions .....
  • ....



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