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Posted: April 13, 2016
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WSDL generation for SOAP Service in V6.1 SP2

I need information on how the WSDL file is generated for Service SOAP. I understand that we click on the "Generate Deployment Files" and pega gives the complete WSDL file which is in the format - https://app server host name:port/prweb/PRSOAPServlet/SOAP/Service Class/Service Package?WSDL
Internally, Pega calls "svcUtil.createWSDL(params, serviceMethods)" method which we do not have any control on.

My understanding is that for a multi-node environment, if we generate the WSDL while logged in to 1 node, the WSDL is generated/accessible from all nodes.
If we have nodes ABC123, ABC456, ABC789 and we generate the WSDL while logged in to ABC123 node. The WSDL generated would be

1. https://ABC123:port/prweb/PRSOAPServlet/SOAP/Service Class/Service Package?WSDL
but following WSDL's are also generated
2. https://ABC456:port/prweb/PRSOAPServlet/SOAP/Service Class/Service Package?WSDL
3. https://ABC789:port/prweb/PRSOAPServlet/SOAP/Service Class/Service Package?WSDL

Our requirement is to have WSDL for only 1 node i.e. point-1 ONLY and not point-2 and 3.

Is there a way we can achieve that?

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