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6.2 SP1 Upgrade Estimator Tool error


1. Download Pega Estimator Tool
2. Extract zip file
3. Open the folder "Pega6.1-Estimates changes upto Pega 7.2 only"
4. Run Scripts for MSSQL
5. Import zip file UpgradeEstimator61 to Pega 6.1 SP1.
6. Add Ruleset PegaUpgradeEE to application
7. Add secondary portal UpgradeEstimator to the access group
8. Open Upgrade Estimator portal
9. we are getting the following error message

Error: Error trying to process Action that failed TxMiddlePanel for class Data-Portal.

To avoid the Error, I have Save As TxMiddlePanel Harness to application ruleset, again the system is asking to save as all rules to application ruleset,

•pyAction: tyRefreshMainSection does not exist for use by this record (Validate).

Tried the option Revalidate and Save for all Activities, Sections, Properties, When rules, still errors are not avoiding..

it great help to share your experience here.



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