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Posted: July 3, 2020
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Posted: 3 Jul 2020 4:26 EDT
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Access control policy condition on editable screen

I am using Access control policy condition where account number should not be displayed on the UI , it should be masked. I have used ACPC and the account number is masked, but in the editable mode it is not allowing to enter the data, it is showing in read only mode with -- has value. And also need some information on the conditions which i can use for hover value not to be masked

Reproduce steps:

Create a access control policy for account number Create a policy condition where .pxobjclass is not null (that means at all the scenarios it should be masked) Now on the UI editable form when we use account number it is showing --- and not able to edit the field. not able to enter the account number.

Expected: is it should mask for readonly fields and for editable it should be editable .

Actual results: is readonly fields it is masked and for editable field it is not allowing to edit. And also want to know how to display the value when we have hover over

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