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Posted: March 25, 2019
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Accessing SMA data in Pega running in Websphere 8.5

Hi, I am trying to access SMA data using a Java application, and Pega is installed in a Websphere Server.

On page 9 in SMA documentation (SMA_Ref_Guide_V63SP1.pdf) there is the following statement:

In a multi-node installation, JMX uses RMI to communicate with the other nodes being monitored. In Java, explicit garbage collection is forced once per minute in any system using RMI, although it is possible to configure the JVM to suppress this by disabling explicit GC calls. If not suppressed, frequent garbage collection can lead to degraded system performance.
If a Process Commander node and SMA are sharing a JVM on such a system, that system will collect garbage once per minute, because of the system’s use of RMI. Again, it will adversely affect Process Commander performance on that node.
This issue can affect all server types except WebSphere, which uses SOAP services for intranode communications, not RMI.

I was trying to connect to SMA using JConnect using the same information I use to configure SMA on Pega running on Websphere (Hostname and port). This info is specific for Websphere according to page 21 on the same documentation (SMA_Ref_Guide_V63SP1.pdf)

Host/Server Name (WebSphere only): Required. The host or Server name in which the WebSphere application server is running.

So from this information I believe that when Pega is running on WebSphere, SMA does not use standard RMI protocol to retrieve information, and instead it uses SOAP services. So JConnect and any client that uses RMI will not be able to retrieve SMA data using RMI.

My question is: is my statement above correct? If so, how do I find instructions to implement this SOAP calls to retrieve SMA data when Pega is running on Websphere?

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