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Posted: October 26, 2020
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Adding new column in "PR_DATA_DM_ADMMART_MDL_FACT" table.

Hi Team,

I just wanted to know the internal architecture of model monitoring and storing snapshots in PR_DATA_DM_ADMMART_MDL_FACT table. Pega Currently stores all the model instance created for Adaptive model in PR_DATA_DM_ADMMART_MDL_FACT table. Currently this table has 34 columns. We wanted to have a new context (say "Location") for this Adaptive model. Along with this we already had Issue, group, Channel, Direction, and Proposition Name as model identifiers. As per business requirement, we wanted to add Location as one of the model identifier.

Can we add new column name "Location" to store the location value in the table?

As this is OOTB pegadata table, this gets restructured during the Pega upgrades?

Currently, this new model identifier is getting stored under pyName column along with Proposition Name in Json format. {"Location":"CA-Location","pyName":"BTADefault"}. Can we change the format of storing this value.

Is it advisable not to alter this table structure or value storing in this and Create a view to see the results as desired?

Please suggest me the possible solution for this requirement.

Thanks in advance.



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