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Posted: October 11, 2019
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Advanced Tab Class Option - Propagate schema changes to child tables

On the advanced tab of the rule-obj-class ruleform, there is an option to "Propagate schema changes to child tables". This sets the .pyIsCoreClass property, which is referenced nowhere else in the system. There is no documentation around this option.

I've created a framework work class, and an implementation work class that direct inherits to it. On the framework class, I checked the "Propagate schema changes to child tables" checkbox. Then, I imported a product that triggered changes to the framework's db table. Nothing happened to the implementation work class's database table.

Does anyone know if this functionality is intended to work? It looks like it was added in 8.x. From what I can tell, the functionality is not yet fully flushed out. Does anyone know when it will be? The functionality would be very helpful if it works.

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