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Posted: October 14, 2015
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Automating: Request, Approve, Fulfill -- for SysAdmin tasks

There's a common workflow pattern: Request, Approve, Fulfill.

This applies pretty much everywhere in life, and, if we're lucky, we can get the business funding to implement these in Pega for our business process.

And we all know, it really shouldn't take much customer energy to implement processes. Automate everywhere.

Especially ones that Pega already ships:

All of those available over JMX.

Like most customers, we have a world where requests for anything supplied by JMX (e.g., stop an agent, flush the cache, kill a requestor, etc) come through an other request system, or mostly ad hoc -- since the list of the JMX API is quite extensive

In an ideal world, we could better manage this through one of two ways:

  • Pega supplies the process for handling any admin task (this is the model behind AES after all)
  • This JMX (or any) can be used to generate the request forms, as well the final fulfillment step.
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