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Avail lower major rulesets versions without Skimming

Dear Colleagues,

We have two versions of the same application 01-0X and 02-0X.

Application 02-0X has been created without Skimming. Main reason is that it's a new project, with a new team with new features that should be built on all features in 01-0X which is still under construction. Project 01-0X has adopted a versioning convention where the minor is increased at each new Scrum Sprint. Same for project 02-0X which is a different project with different team and planning.

Because the major has been increased, application 02-0X is not able to see rulesets in application 01-0X.

For example we're using a global resource settings data page implemented in version 01-0X but not visible to 02-0X application but rulesets version are not visible.

Is there any way to allow application 02-0X see all ruleset versions saved in 01-0X ?

We tried the following

- Make Application 02-0X implementation layer built on both Framework 02-0X and Framework 01-0X, but it didn't work

- Use rulesets pre-requesites options to add latest rulesets 01-0X in all 02-0X rulesets, but it didn't work

Any other option that could solve our problem ?




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