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Circumstancing Question

Hi guys, I was taking a look at the practice quizzes in PDN and ran across the question listed below about circumstancing. For some reason, I thought that the answer should be D since the creation date falls under the Time Qualified range of May 1st, 2010 and August, 2010, and the classes are both the same, however, the answer is C. Could someone explain why this is to me? I would really appreciate it.

Question 4
The “CalculateRisk” rule is called from the ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan context with a “CreationDate” value of June 6, 2010. Of the rules listed below, which would be chosen by rule resolution? (Choose One)
Not circumstanced, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan”
.CreationDate as-of September 3, 2010, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan”
Not circumstanced, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan”
Start Date: May 1, 2010, End Date: August 31, 2010, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan”
.CreationDate as-of February 4, 2010, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan
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