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Posted: August 2, 2019
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Class does not exist error in System Architect Essentials (v8)

I have been trying to do the Self Study "System Architect Essentials v8" online class, but I am stuck getting an error in my exercises that I cannot seem to figure out the reason or the fix. I have queried the forum for several different variations of my error as well as class names used in the exercise but cannot find anything that might help.

I have tried exercises 3 times. Once on a local VM, once on the Pega Academy VM, and then once more on the Pega Academy VM with a different case name. I followed the first two exercises, "Configuring a case type" and "Designing a data model", step by step, even copying the text from the transcript so I could make sure I was not misspelling something.

The "Configure a case type" goes just fine, however, I get to the last section of the "Designing a data model" exercise, "Configure a data transform to copy services provided from a Service case to an Assistance request case" down to step number 21 (saving my data transformation) when I get the error:

This record has 4 error(s) in 3 place(s) .

Java generation failed: null


GoGoDM-GoGoRoadDM-Work-AssistanceRequest does not exist or is not a valid entry for this ruleset and its prerequisites


Property GoGoDM-GoGoRoadDM-Work-AssistanceRequest.SelectedServices is undefined.

You must specify a property of type Page List

The step just before this is to go into the "Pages and Classes" tab to "define the pyWorkCover page". I copied/pasted "pyWorkCover" as the page name and "GoGoDM-GoGoRoadDM-Work-AssistanceRequest" as the class value. Then when I save as instructed, I get the above error message. It seems to be saying that either "GoGoDM-GoGoRoadDM-Work-AssistanceRequest" does not exist as a class or that the class exists but the SelectedServices property doesn't exist. So I cannot figure out where I am going wrong here.

Again, I have tried this process from the very beginning 3 times now with the exact same error message. Again, I went step by step from the transcript thinking that maybe I missed something the first time or that maybe the local VM might have a bug and the Online VM would work better, but either I am just being a total dunce or there is some step being missed or assumed that I am not getting.

I'm VERY new to Pega. I'm an inhouse developer needing to learn Pega quickly to get up to speed with the company's new ventures into using Pega. Being so new, I don't know all the ins and outs of the studio apps or how to look up or modify class-level data yet, so I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting, but as far as the step by step instruction go for the System Architect Essentials course, something seems to be amiss, so I can't continue with the remainder of the course hands-on exercises until I can get this resolved.

I am including two screenshots. The first is the last screen edited and the resulting error. This is the data transformation "Pages and Classes" tab. The second is the data transformation "Definition" tab that was edited in the steps just before the "Pages and Classes" tab.

Any help to resolve this issue so I can continue the exercises would be appreciated.

Thank you!

CopySelected Services data transformation Pages and Classes Tab with error.png

CopySelected Services data transformation Definition Tab.png

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