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Posted: September 22, 2020
Last activity: September 28, 2020

close Dynamic tab on Delete keydown event


Product: Customer Service Application 

Version: 8.3

We would like to apply the design pattern for tabs with automatic activation (similar to the example linked here: ) to our Tab Group.  More specifically, we want to replicate the actions of the Delete key so that what the tab has focus and the user presses the Delete key on the keyboard, it removes the currently focused tab from the tab list.  

I can bind an event handler to Delete keydown event, but I am unsure of what event handler to execute to close the Dynamic tab properly.   Is there any Pega ootb functions that can be called within a script to close the tab?


$(document).ready(function(){    $('.tab-li').keydown(function(e) {         if(e.keyCode == 46) {         //function that closes current tab      } }); });

Tab Group tab group section rule


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