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Compatibility of Pega 8.1.1 data schema with version 7.1.6


We have a running production system in Pega v7.1.6. Here its a multi location implemenattion, but database is common, with same data schema shared across locations. We are planning to upgarde it to v8.1.1 (out of place upgrade) location by location in phases. So, once for location_1, the data schema will be upgraded, but other locations , still in 7.1.6, will continue to point this upgraded data schema.

Query-1 : Is the 8.1.1 upgraded data schema compatible with 7.1.6 ? Precisely, case created , uodated and progressed in 7.1.6 will seamlessly work with 8.1.1 upgraded data schema?

Query-2 : We also have Customer service framework compatible with 7.1.6. We will use CS framework compatible to 8.1.1. So, data objects of CS 8.1.1 will be compatible with CS 7.1.1 ? This is similar query but with respect to CS data objects.

Query-3 : All the implementations have a common shared framework. Is it best approach to copy fraework to destination and upgrade to 8.1.1? So, at intermediate state, upgraded application will point to upgraded framework and non upgraded applications will point to original 7.1.6 framework. Is this good approach for upgrade?



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