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CPMC Quiz Questions are inconsistent with materials


I'm not sure why but in many courses questions in Quizzes and Practice Exam are inconsistent with provided materials or questions are about things that never even appeared in courses (it is general remark for courses not only for Decision Management Essentials).

Maybe it's time to rethink approach to the how those courses are presented and focus on important things  that will help to gain knowledge about particular subject instead of focusing on how to ask most confusing questions on the certification exam.

For example: How many new rule types are introduced by Pega Decision Management? - What is the purpose of that question? It does not help in any way to understand how particular thing works or how to use it.

In my opinion courses and exams should be more focused on understanding concepts and how to apply them in Pega application instead of memorizing how many buttons are in particular place on UI.


Inconsistency example:

Pega Academy
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