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On creation, Pega renames Rule-Utility-Function with generated hex string


I am creating a couple of Rule-Utility-Functions. In some instances, Pega is renaming my functions in a ghastly fashion (see below). I don't see a workaround.

The plea for help

  • Has anyone dealt with this?
  • Is there a hotfix?
  • Moderators, please let me know if I should be opening an SR instead.


When I first create a Rule-Utility-Function, if it has a long name and some parameters, Pega renames it with what appears to be an automatically generated Hex string. For example:

  1. create a new Function
  2. for label, enter "this is a long function name with some parameters"
  3. add three string parameters
    1. p1, String
    2. p2, String
    3. p3, String
  4. click to create the rule

Result:the function is created with the name



The apparent cause

On creation, Pega ordinarily attempts to generate a helpful label by concatenating

  • the value I supply
  • two hyphens as a separator
  • a comma-separated list of parameter types

For the example above, Pega would generate the following label:


However, that would exceed the max length of pyLabel by one character, so Pega cannot modify the label as intended. To use a technical term, it barfs - Pega does something completely unexpected: it modifies both the label and the name of the rule like this:


  • The label problem is this is annoying but has a workaround: change the label value and save again
  • The rulename problem has no workaround other than to shorten the name of the function. For a function with a longer list of parameters, there is no workaround. To demonstrate this, I attempted to create a function with a one-character name, A, and enough parameters to exceed the length limit of pyLabel. Pega created this:


Disclaimer: although I could hypothetically use such a function, I could not live with myself if I introduced one into the application. <insert whimsical emoji here>

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