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CSV format string from a Pagelist property values

Hi All,

I have a requirement to capture list of values of a property which is pagelist and show it in string in a comma separated format in a hierarchy of embedded page lists.

For Ex: I have a property PropertyN in PageListC in the hierarchy pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA().PageListB().PageListC()

PropertyN has values as follows --> pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(1).PageListC(1) - P1

pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(1).PageListC(2) - P2

pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(1).PageListC(3) -P3


pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(2).PageListC(1) - P1

pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(2).PageListC(2) - P4

pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(2).PageListC(3) - P5

I have to show a string property PropertyNConcetanted at PageListB level which shows as follows- pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(1).PropertyNConcetanted --> P1,P2,P3

Also, pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PageListB(2).PropertyNConcetanted --> P1,P4,P5

and I have to show a string property PropertyNConcetantedTop at PageListA level which shows as pyWorkPage.Page.PageListA(1).PropertyNConcetantedTop - It should have a property that holds csv values as --> P1,P2,P3,P4,P5 without duplicates.

Can you please suggest the best approach?

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