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Eduardo Paz (EdoPaz)
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Posted: April 26, 2019
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Custom pxDisplayText and Date/time with custom Time Zone

We have a requirement where users should see some dates on a fixed time zone and not based on their time zone, I currently have a custom control where I can pass date time format as parameter and I think the same can apply for the time zone, but if I use this custom format then I cant set a Control Format as in pxDisplayText, wich its needed.

So, if I can create a custom pxDisplayText I can even add a dropdown for the time zone on the options when selecting datetime format (don't know if this is possible)

The problem is, I can’t see the pxDisplayText code and where is the datetime format done.

Any hint on this?

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I know this is not the place to answer to @Santanu question, but this is my first post here and don’t know why but I cannot write a reply or add new comment.

To the question I want to show the dates as edit only always, for me its ok if they are stored on GMT, but the thing is I want to choose the timezone at will, and not by the operator timezone, plus add a control format, lets say to change the font color or styles.

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