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Database Connections

We see a delta in the number of connections at the DB as compared with what the app server reports. Moreover, the number of idle connections do not appear to track with what is defined in app server config. It appears that a number of DB connections are established during startup of the app server which are not reported by the app server. That number of connections appears to remain fairly constant. Has anyone experienced similar behavior?

There are an initial N connections, as many as 40, at startup of Tomcat and the pega application. These initial connections are not reported by the app server. A small number of those N connections remain active at any given time (usually N/3 or less). When we describe active we are referring to an amount of traffic between the app server and the DB. Connections timeout eventually - a few almost every minute - to be immediately replaced by new sessions. The number of N connections is fairly constant (+/-5 maybe), but 2/3 of the connections are idle/unused/abandoned at any given time. The implication of this appears to be that pega is not closing some of these connections; idle but not closed.

  • Linux: Oracle Linux Server release 7.6
  • Tomcat 8.5
  • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
  • JDBC version supported by the driver 4.1
  • Connections defined in $TOMCAT/conf/context.xml
  • maxTotal="50"
  • App server metrics are sourced from Tomcat Mbeans

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