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Ramprasad Madhavan (RamprasadM2157)
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Posted: April 22, 2017
Last activity: April 28, 2017

Declare Index table creation through Optimization wizard

Hello All,

I have a page list Property .AccountDetails and i want to use declare index for reporting. I have used optimization wizard and it has created declare index class, index rule and index table. All fine , expect the index table that pega created is generic and it has created on Data level.

For example:

my property . AccountDetails is in ABC-FW-ABCTestFW-Data-AccountDetails Data class. i expected the declare index table name should have been named as pegadata.pr_Index_ABC_FW_ABCTestFW_Data_AccountDetails

But, the Pega optimization wizard has created a index table with name "pegadata.pr_Index_ABC_FW_ABCTestFW_Data_".looks like which is a common index table for all index table .

How can i change the name of the table which is specific only to my AccountDetails Class. I understand that we can directly create a index table in DB and Map our DB table record to that table. But I am just looking for some way to direct pega to use the Data class name as a table name while using the optimization wizard

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