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Sayantan Chowdhury (SayantanC3655)
Lead System Architect
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Posted: August 17, 2020
Last activity: September 2, 2020

devops with deployment manager or using prpcserviceutils


1) What options do we have to implement devops with deployment manager if the dev and qa systems are located in one zone and production is in a separate zone so that dev/qa servers are not reachable to the Production server. Only possibility is to publish the package into production repository from the qa system through the dev pipeline. The dev pipeline wilI be triggered by branch merge in dev system and I understand this feature is well supported in deployment manager. I want to understand if the production pipeline can be triggered automatically as soon as the package is published in production repository by the dev pipeline ? As the dev pipeline and production pipeline will be hosted in two different servers in separate zones, it won't be possible to use "trigger deployment" task in the dev pipeline. 

As far as I have checked, pipelines in deployment manager starts with "generate artifact" step. However, our requirement is to start with "deploy" in the production pipeline which will be hosted within production zone. Can a production pipeline start with "deploy" step ?  

2) If the above requirement is not supported by deployment manager, then the other option would be to use a third party orchestration service like jenkins or bamboo which will be triggered from the production repository as and when a package is added. The pipeline in jenkins/bamboo will perform the package import to the production pega server. I understand the only option to import/export packages(without using deployment manager) is to use prpcserviceutil. 

Do we know if the operator credentials to connect to dev/prod servers in jenkins/bamboo be encrypted ? I could find in community that there should exist an improvement item(FDBK-24070 ) but not sure if this is already available -

3) Does anyone have step-by-step guideline how bamboo can be configured with prpcserviceutils ? Does bamboo support the operator credentials encryption using any other approach/plugin ?




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