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Difference between Business Rules and Functional Requirements

Can anyone clarify the difference between business rules and functional requirement. In the DCO Essensials 7.1 course the below example is given. Business rules, Enterprise standard, Change control and Functional requirement types examples - All look same to me. They all talk about field level validation. How do I differentiate between them

Business ruleRelated to the business processes in the specific application. Is usually associated with a specific use case or step in a process, and identifies the system behavior at that step.First Name should not be longer than 20 characters
Change controlRelated to the needs of making modifications in the application and system, and managing those changes.System shall support two-digit version numbers
Enterprise standardIdentifies an enterprise- or industry-wide standard to which the application or system must adhere.Routing Transit Number must be 9 digits
FunctionalSimilar to the business rule type, identifies what the system has to do. Typically used to identify a function that will be used in the application, such as a data transformation or calculation, rather than describing system behavior.Remaining budget must be calculated to two decimal points
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