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John Talbot (TALBJ)
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Posted: November 29, 2016
Last activity: November 30, 2016

Do Connect-SQL rules have any access to the blob contents

We found the following content in the PRPC help files, and it sort-of implies that RDB methods do not have access to the blob contents.  Can anyone categorically confirm this for us. 


RDB-List method

Image removed.

Use this method to retrieve rows from an external relational database and place the results as embedded pages in a specified step page of class Code-Pega-List.

This method references a Connect SQL rule instance, and executes SQL statements stored in the Browse tab of that rule instance. The search can do anything you can specify in a SQL statement, such as a SELECT WHERE statement. Any constraints on the returned data are in the SQL.

On the Browse tab of the Connect SQL rule, use the special data syntax described in Connect SQL rules — Data mapping.

In all but rare cases, use Connect SQL rules only with an external database. Do not use Connect SQL rules or RDB methods for the PegaRULES database(s). Because not all properties in the PegaRULES databases are distinct database columns, use the Obj-Open and Obj-Save methods, not the RDB- methods, with the PegaRULES database to prevent loss of data.



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