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Daniel Lecoq (DanielL1470)
Folksam Omsesidig Sakforsakring

Folksam Omsesidig Sakforsakring
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Folksam Omsesidig Sakforsakring
Posted: November 4, 2020
Last activity: November 11, 2020

Does prpcUtils 7.3.1 support installation of multiple hotfixes?

Hi, it is very unclear in the documentation if the property

hotfix.DLFilePath in supports a comma separated list of hotfixes or not on prpcUtils 7.3.1

The following documentation says yes

This documentation doesn't say yes or no

This suggests it worked on 7.1.7

This suggests a bug broke the functionality on 7.1.9 - unclear if it was ever fixed


I have not gotten this to work:

[echo] Performing  'manageHotfixes' on system  using properties /db2/install/tmp/ failed.
     [echo] Cause:
     [echo] The following error occurred while executing this line:
     [echo] /db2/install/115631_Pega7.31-HFix-46844/scripts/utils/prpcUtils.xml:1427: Path to the DL file was either invalid or not provided.


Please advise how I can fix this if the feature is available. If not, why was it removed? This means I have to script a loop that creates an individual properties file for each DL package and then install those individually. Very inefficient.


Best regards,


Pega Customer Service 7.31