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Double precision issue.

Hi All,

I am currently working Pega 8.3 using the smart claims framework.

I have an issue we are facing here on the team. I am trying to set a double value without precision if there is no decimal values.  

My team wants the clipboard to display the value without a decimal like this


and not like this 1000.0

When I hard code a value to a double it works perfectly fine. But, when I apply a property to the value I am setting I get a trailing 0 always. Is there anyway around this?

All property types behave this way string, int, double so if I try to cast what I am setting as those it is still behaving similarly.


It is necessary for us to use double as we need a property that can handle big int datatype in the back end. I can solve this issue with the decimal property type, but, that does not solve our requirement.

See screenshots below 

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