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D_pxListFiles datapage not getting called when fetching attachments


We are trying to use custom repository to store case attachments in Pega 8.3

I am following the instructions as per the help from Pega.…

So far Uploading and Retrieving an attachment works fine when we overrode the following two:
Create file API (D_pxNewFile)
Get file API (D_pxGetFile)

However, for fetching attachments, I do not see List files API (D_pxListFiles) getting called.
Upon tracing, D_AttachmentList is called,however there is no where the list files API (D_pxListFiles) getting invoked.

So, even if I override D_pxListFiles, I do not see the same getting called anywhere, where my custom pyGetFiles activity will be invoked.
What is the recommended approach here? Should I update the D_AttachmnetList datapage to invoke the new connector to retrieve file from my repository ?
It seems documentation provided by Pega is not helpful for fetching list of attachments.

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