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Pritam Karar (PritamK0)

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Posted: January 19, 2021
Last activity: January 22, 2021

Drop-down resets the value to the first value in the list.


Upon selecting values, Drop down value resets the value to the first value in the list. Drop down is populated by a Report Definition which takes a parameter. Disable automatic refresh is unchecked in General tab of Control Properties.

The Drop down has a default value which should be shown as soon as the screen loads but then it always shows the first value from the list(first value from the list of values, sourced by Report Definition). If we click on Drop down we can see the list of values and upon selecting any value, it gets reset to first value from the list. On the Actions Tab, there is only one Event  "Change" with Actions as per below serial order:

Post Value, Run Activity(An activity is being run to set some Properties based on Drop down selection), Refresh Section(One Data Transform is called to set some value, dependent on Property Value changes happening in above activity), Refresh Other Section.

What needs to be done to rectify this issue ?


Thank you,


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