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DWA Implementation unable to get PerformExternal Harness on click of link from received Email

Please help to find the solution for this issue.

Our requirements are as follows : 

  1. On click of link from email, we want to have a PerformExternal Harness screen with an editable textbox where an external user can enter his/her comments. 
  2. After Submitting by the external user assignment should be closed with updated values as entered by external user.
  3. Email link should be available for use only once.

What we have done so far : 

  1. Configured Outbound Email to received Email.
  2. Getting Email with Link, on click of link we are not getting PerformExternal Harness screen which we have configured on Assignment.
  3. We have saved as PerformExternal Harness in our class but still we are not getting PerformExternal Harness screen.
  4. Here we can open same assignment multiple time by clicking on same link from email which should not be the case.

Please find the attached screenshots of  flow design for DWA and External user assignment screen and it's configuration details.


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