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Posted: October 19, 2016
Last activity: October 19, 2016

Environment setup not working

After installing the exercise system in VMWare, the application is not available. I have done several other trainings with Pega and after setting up the VM instance, I usually see a startup message with the URL to launch the PRPC login page. However with this download, the URL that shows up is 'http://:9080'

I have other VMs on the same machine with URLs I can launch and access those. I shut down all other  VMs. Launch the VM for this course and get the bogus URL. I tried using 'http://localhost:9080', but it doesn't work.

I really don't understand why Pega makes this so complicated. Why do I have to set up a separate VM for every training course (I have at least six different VMs for different training- BAE, DCO Architect, SA, SSA, Customer Service Fundamentals, and now a different one for Creating Customer Service Solutions). Why not just provide rulesets or apps that we can import?

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