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Posted: March 18, 2021
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Posted: 18 Mar 2021 11:17 EDT
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Error accessing database tables in external database

We recently migrated our application from Pega Platform 8.3.3 on premise to Pega Platform 8.5 on cloud environment.

We have a Database rule pointing to an external Oracle database and we had to switch from a JDBC connection pool connection to a JDBC URL connection. If we click the "Test connectivity" button on the Database rule, the result is Good.

Instead, if we click the same button on the database tables defined on that Database rule or we try to click Save on concrete classes related to those database tables, we get the following error:

Caused by: ERROR: relation "v$parameter" does not exist Position: 19: code: <none> SQLState: <none> Message: <none>

We don't get that error on the on premise environment which refers to the same database and database table rules.

How can we solve?

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