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Posted: October 7, 2016
Last activity: November 30, 2016

Error message persists in the main screen after closing the modal window with validation errors

We have a screen from where on click of edit link, a modal window has been configured.

Inside teh modal window we have date fields and other amount fields. On entry of wrong value in any of those fields property validation messages gets thrown automatically. If the user just wants to close the modal window by clicking the Close"x" button in the corner of modal window, then the expectation is to clear the messages from not retaining once the window is closed. But the field level validations are persisting in the main screen not allowing the user to proceed with any other task. Only an external refresh solves the problem.

Pega version: 7.1.7

 Is there any work around for eliminating the lingering issue? There is no hotfix being provided by pega right now.Please provide an information if there are any hotfix available in higher pega versions?

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