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Vikash Togarrati (vikat)
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Posted: May 21, 2018
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File listener folder structure

we do have a Understanding. Prior to 7.2.2, the process was:

  • File Listener discovers a file in the Input Directory (the directory the File Listener rule form is pointing to)
  • Listener then MOVES that file to a "work" directory for processing
  • When the file is processed, it is then deleted or renamed as per Listener settings

In 7.2.2, however:

  • File Listener discovers a file in the Input Directory
  • Listener DOES NOT MOVE THE FILE, but processes the file IN PLACE -- the work directory is no longer used
  • When done processing, the listener either deletes or renames the file as per Listener settings

However Help file states as below:

Files and folders

The listener creates three folders (subdirectories) within the original input directory:

  • Work — Copies of input files. The original file is deleted to prevent double processing by this or other listeners.
  • Completed — Input files for which all processing has completed successfully. May also contain input files for which processing failed.
  • Report — Files with a RPT file type, output reports created by Service File rule processing.

Can please help clarify if a Work folder is created and Completed is under the Fistener folder or under work folder.


**/XXFileListener (Folder which i.p is received)

**/XXFileListener/Completed (will have the completed file) ??


**/XXFileListener/Work_XXFileListener/Completed (will have the completed file) ??

And also what will be the folder structure to find error file in the above example??

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